What is Paper Escapes?

Paper Escapes is a paper-based version of an escape room that can be played at home. Like with physical escape rooms, you would have to use elements on your puzzle page to solve a series of complex puzzles within a set time limit to complete a mission or solve a final combination to win. Hints are provided in the book if you get stuck as well as this website is available to verify a successful escape.

How many people can play a Paper Escape?

Each book is designed for various team sizes.  If your group exceeds that size, try and see who can escape first!  Just keep in mind, each team will need their own copy of the book. Makes great unique date night or hanging out with friends and family.

How do Paper Escapes differ from a real escape room?

1.   It is much more affordable!
2.  You can play from home!
3.  It is your own private game and experience!
4.  You can drink at the same time!
5.  Just as challenging and exciting!

 Now Available!!! – Survive The F5

Survive The F5 Escape Room  Survive The F5 Escape Room

I took everyone’s suggestions and completely redesigned this Paper Escape Room Book from the ground up.

It’s now more of a choose your own adventure escape room book that requires jumping around to various sections of the book to solve puzzles.